Remuneration Policy

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William Lyons Insurances Ltd is remunerated by a combination of commission and other payments from insurers and product providers. We may also charge Professional fees and transaction handling charges. These fees will not exceed 45% of the premium involved but can be subject to a minimum of €60.

The firm will charge you a fixed fee or a percentage of the insurance premium and levies for the following services provided:

Household:up to €50.00
Private/Commercial Motor:up to €50.00
Commercial Business:up to 45%
Midterm Switches/ Alterations:up to €40.00
Health Insurance:No fee to customer – Commission from Provider
Credit Card Handling Fee:2% of premium

On occasion we may need to charge rates different to the above depending on the complexity of the case in question; we shall advise you of these changes in advance and before business is transacted. Where rebate premiums arise on general insurance from insurers, these will be refunded by us within 5 working days of notification by insurers.
A Government levy of 5% is also applied to all policies and is passed onto the Government by insurers and is always included in the overall amount due.